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Association of Florida Colleges
Association of Florida Colleges
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What are commissions?

Commissions provide an opportunity for community college employees with similar job responsibilities to enhance their professional skills and knowledge and to network, share, and recognize exemplary practices with colleagues from around the state. Each commission has its own elected board of directors and bylaws for organizational purposes, to plan commission activities, and support the overall mission and purposes of AFC. The chair of each commission serves on the association's board of directors. Commissions usually meet at least twice a year to provide programs of interest to commission members and to recognize colleagues and programs of an exemplary nature. The commissions provide the primary vehicle for the association to fulfill its mission of discussing and improving matters in college educational programs, curriculum development, innovative administrative and instructional procedures, and the general professional environment of the state's 28 community and state colleges.

2014 Vice President for Commissions:
Wanda Curtiss
Miami Dade College West
3800 N.W. 115th Avenue
Miami, FL 33178
Phone: 305-237-8969

2014 Vice President-Elect for Commissions:
Dr. Robert Flores
South Florida State College
600 W. College Drive
Avon Park, FL 33825
Phone: 863-784-7099

Administration Represents the interests of administrative and business affairs staff.
Adult and Continuing Education Involves all interested personnel in the development, promotion, and facilitation A&CE.
Career and Professional Employees Promotes professional growth and exchange of information amongst the career and professional (non-administrative, non-faculty) employees.
Communications and Marketing Promotes professional growth and development amongst commission members.
Equity Provides leadership, advice, counsel and opportunity for professional development on EA/EO matters.
Facilities Promotes the interests and issues of community college’s facilities planning and institutional services and to provide to its membership a collaborative environment for sharing ideas, experiences and successes in order to promote best practices and professional development within the multiple disciplines associated with the construction and management of our college’s facilities.
Faculty Promotes quality leadership and professional service and seek solutions on matters relating to faculty.
Healthcare Education Promotes legislative awareness, professional development, and recognition of best practices in all areas relating to healthcare education.
Institutional Effectiveness, Planning, and Professional Development Improves institutional effectiveness, planning, and research.
Instructional Innovation Provides for the participation of the faculty members, administrators, and other concerned personnel in all areas relating to curriculum.
Learning Resources Represents the interests of learning resources personnel.
Occupational and Workforce Education Represents the interest of occupational and workforce education personnel.
Student Development Involves members of the student affairs offices in carrying out the goals and objectives of the student personnel philosophy.
Technology Represents the interests of Florida's community and state college personnel whose job interests include technology related activities or issues. The Technology Commission strives to enhance student learning, improve institutional effectiveness and promote effective participation in all aspects of technology management, planning, information sharing, eLearning and innovation.
Trustees Promotes an understanding of the Florida College System amongst trustees and serve in liaison capacity to local and State offices and agencies.

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