NameJob TitlePhone
Andrews, Elizabeth D.Chair, Academic Foundations/Professor, Developmental Writing863-784-7147
Appelquist, Donald L.Dean, Resource Development; Exec. Director, SFSC Foundation, Inc. 863-784-7181
Arpasi, Cheryl Physical Plant Operations Specialist863-784-7091
Ashworth, Steven L.Chair, EMS and Fire Science Programs/Professor, EMS863-784-7272
Austin, Davida M.Chair/Professor, Mathematics863-784-7326
Austin, Michael Coordinator, Criminal Justice863-784-7282
Bailes, Jessica Instructor, Nursing 
Barone, Terry Office Manager863-784-7060
Bates, Wanita Executive Assistant for Vice President, Education and Student Services863-784-7120
Batty-Herbert, Kimberly J.Dean, Arts and Sciences863-784-7329
Becerra, Peggy Proctor, Testing863-784-7436
Beers, Rachel Financial Aid Specialist863-784-7254
Beiner, Cindy Help Desk Technician863-784-7462
Bello, Kim Computer Systems Support863-784-7482
Benn, Kathleen Instructional Designer/Technologist863-784-7015
Bennett, Ashley Administrative Assistant, Controller863-784-7122
Bobo, Todd Fitness Center Trainer863-784-7030
Boden, Patricia Executive Assistant for Vice President, Administrative Services863-784-7218
Bohlman, Brian M.Instructor, Computer Networking and Communications863-784-7443
Boulay, Melanie Resource Development Assistant863-784-7222
Broen, Elizabeth K.Professor, History863-784-7141
Broen, James J.Professor, Biology/Chemistry863-784-7361
Brown, Kevin J.Dean, Division of Applied Sciences and Technologies 863-784-7424
Brown, Ruth Ann Curriculum Assistant863-784-7317
Burch, Beth Lead Instructor, Bioenergy Program863-784-7230
Bush, Tammy Executive Assistant to President863-784-7111
Bush, Thomas A.Chair, Technical - Industrial Ed/ Professor, Commercial Air Conditioning Technology863-784-7117
Byrd, John G.Professor, Electronics 863-784-7116
Cappo, Kathleen M.Professor, Nursing863-784-7426
Carden, Denise Maintenance Clerk863-784-7090
Cardenas, Tina Lead Instructor, Supervision and Management863-784-7448
Carter, Benjamin F.Coordinator, Adult Education Special Projects863-784-7102
Cartwright, Susan Program Specialist, Youth Services863-784-7431
Castanon, Irene Coordinator, Take Stock in Children863-784-7343
Castro, Fabiana Case Manager863-784-7166
Chancey, Alan "Randy"Professor, EMT863-784-7187
Chancey, Tonya Professor, Nursing863-784-7425
Christensen, Erik N.Professor, Physics/Chair, Natural Sciences863-784-7363
Cortazal, Manuel Coordinator, Grants Development 863-784-7233
Cover, Ellen C.Instructor, Biology863-784-7074
Crawford, Kimberly A.Head Coach, Women’s Volleyball863-784-7037
Crawford, Teresa M.Director, Hardee Campus863-784-7061
Cuencas, Edwin Program Specialist, Youth Services863-784-7161