NameJob TitlePhone
Paeplow, Randall K.Director, Lake Placid Center 863-784-7083
Pantoja, Jannice Institutional Planning and Assessment Specialist863-784-7318
Pantoja, Ricardo Coordinator, Student Support Services863-784-7292
Peavy, Richard T.Coordinator, Purchasing863-784-7275
Phelps, Lena D.Chair, Library Services863-784-7303
Pierre, Carole Adjunct Instructor, Dental Education863-784-7028
Pinzon, Carol Coordinator, ESOL863-784-7380
Pisarski, Dawn M.Professor, Nursing863-784-7225
Polk, Andrew Coordinator, Student Life863-784-7435
Pressler, Charlotte A.Professor, English/Philosophy; Director, Honors Program863-784-7247
Puckorius, Mary Coordinator, Admissions863-784-7405
Rafatti, Colleen Director, Career Center863-784-7411
Ramirez, Bea Coordinator, Financial Aid863-784-7270
Ramnarain, Govindah Energy Management Specialist863-784-7096
Ramos, Enrique Instructor, TLC Open Lab 863-784-5121
Redick, Lauren Community Education Specialist863-784-7388
Revell, Leana Vice President, Educational and Student Services863-784-7120
Rios, Elisavet C.Coordinator, Curriculum Support863-784-7488
Rivera, Ashley Adult Education Instructor863-784-7214
Rivera, Marjorie Staff Assistant II, Adult Education863-784-7473
Rizzo, Phillip D.Instructor, Automotive Service Technology863-784-7048
Rodriguez, Rita Case Manager, Florida Farmworker Jobs and Education Program863-784-7072
Rose, Cindy Personnel Specialist863-784-7461
Rousch, John H.Director, Adult Education863-784-7422
Saccuzzo, Darlene Professor, Dental Education863-784-7024
Salmon, Winifred Administrative Assistant II, Advising and Counseling863-784-7131
Sawyer, Sue Senior Adult Programs Specialist863-784-7441
Schult, Krista Head Coach, Women's Cross Country863-784-7039
Sconyers, Bobby A.Professor, Dental Assisting863-784-7022
Shanklin, Deanne Resource Development Specialist863-784-7183
Shannon, Princess Staff Assistant II, Testing/Assessment Center863-784-7327
Sharp, Stacy Chair, Humanities/Professor, English863-784-7066
Shoemaker, Helen S.Professor, Nursing 863-784-7429
Shumard, Lori J.Professor, Mathematics863-784-7073
Smalley, Renee Staff Assistant II, CCE863-784-7034
Smith, Lorrie Cultural Programs Associate, Box Office Manager863-784-7201
Smith, Rodger Instructor, Psychology863-784-7236
Solomon, Adam Writing Specialist, Tutoring and Learning Center863-784-7423
Southwell, Robin Coordinator, Human Resources Operations863-784-7248
Sroda, Rebecca A.Dean, Health Services863-784-7021
Staik, Stephen L.Student Services Advisor, Lake Placid Center863-784-7086
Stanley, Bob Specialist, TLC Math Lab863-784-7369
Stevens, Cherie M.Professor, Computer Science 863-784-7136
Sueppel, Peggy Professor, Economics863-784-7182