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SFSC Foundation, Inc.

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SFSC Foundation, Inc.
SFSC Foundation, Inc.

Purpose of the SFSC Foundation

The South Florida State College Foundation, Inc. exists to enhance community awareness of the college, to encourage, solicit, and accept gifts, to receive bequests, and to account for, manage, and help to appreciate cash or non-cash gifts donated to the Foundation. Such contributions are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

Funds received by the Foundation are distributed to benefit and advance the college and to encourage and subsidize its students, staff, and programs. In addition to scholarships, the Foundation provides educational facilities and low-cost housing opportunities for SFSC students.

2013/2014 SFSC Foundation Directors

Christy Crews

Vice President
Mercedes Carruthers

Terry Atchley

Nicole Barben

SFSC President
Dr. Thomas C. Leitzel

SFSC President Emerita
Dr. Catherine P. Cornelius
Dr. Norman L. Stephens Jr.

Executive Director
Donald Appelquist

Director, Planned and Major Giving
Jane M. Hancock

Resource Development Specialist
Deanne B. Shanklin

Assistant Treasurer
Anita Kovacs

James B. Belflower
Betty L. Carlisle
Tami C. Cullens*
Dr. W. Patrick Danzey
Joe L. Davis Sr.*
Robert Duncan
Judge Peter F. Estrada
Bob Germaine
Sen. Denise Grimsley
William A. Hackney Jr.
Joan Hartt
William R. Jarrett Jr.*
Michael Kelly
Becky McIntyre
Jeffrey G. Mechlin*
Candace S. Preston
Lana C. Puckorius*
Clifford R. Rhoades
Rob Roberts
Nida Roquiz
Joey B. Sacco*
Dr. Paul Seusy
John Shoop*
Tres Stephenson
Tim Texley
Andy Tuck
Robin Weeks
Dr. David E. Willey*

*Past Presidents

SFSC Foundation, Inc.
13 East Main Street
Avon Park, FL 33825

Phone: 863-453-3133
Fax: 863-453-8023
We do not accept unsolicited faxes