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CJBAT (paper version)

I/O Solutions presents The Florida Criminal Justice Basic Abilities Tests (CJBAT) which was developed to ensure that trainees entering Florida certified criminal justice training centers possess the requisite abilities to master the curricula and understand the materials that are presented to them. The CJBAT series was designed to select candidates for admission into law enforcement officer or correctional officer training.

The exams offered are Corrections and Law Enforcement. The length of each test is 2 hours, 30 minutes. The two sections of the CJBAT are memorization (16 minutes) and multiple choice (2 hours, 14 minutes). Exams are mailed to I/O Solutions, and results are received in our department the following week.

Check the Testing Center Master Schedule for testing dates and times. Please call ahead to make an appointment. Cost is $40. Please arrive approximately 15 minutes early to fill out paperwork.

Review the following presentation to orient yourself to the paper version of the CJBAT. Sample questions are included.

FBAT (computer version)

The computer version is serviced through Miami-Dade College. This exam meets the minimum competency of those seeking enrollment/employment into Florida’s criminal justice or law enforcement system. The tests offered are Corrections, Law Enforcement, and Probations Officer. The FBAT uses voice and animation. Results are viewed at the end of the exam. The Testing Center data shows a higher passing rate with this exam compared to the paper CJBAT version.

Please call our office for an appointment. The exam is approximately two hours. Cost is $40. Please arrive approximately 20 minutes early to fill out paperwork so the exam can start on time.

* Please know the passing score that is required by your agency.

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