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Testing Center Policies and Procedures

Testing Center

All examinees will present a SFSC school ID (if a current student), a current driver’s license, or a current passport for verification purposes prior to any test/exam administration.

Exam Setting
  • Pre-scheduling of all tests is required.
  • The Testing Center will provide a quiet place free from distractions, and exams are administered under proctor supervision.
  • Cell phones, beepers/pagers, or any electronic devices are not permitted in the testing rooms during a test. Calculators, dictionaries, notes, and other aids will be specific to each individual test.
Exam Materials


The Testing Center will keep all exams in a secure area prior to testing.


The Testing Center will ensure that all exam instructions provided will be followed as per requirements or instructions provided with the exam.

Exam Administration
  • The Testing Center will follow all instructions and requirements provided with exams.
  • The Center will monitor examinees during the allotted time limits.
  • After exam completion, all exams and any scratch or notebook paper will be collected.
Post Exam Procedure

The Testing Center will promptly return the completed exams to the instructor or institution.

Exam Irregularity Procedures

The SFSC Testing/Assessment Center is committed to providing all students with a favorable exam environment. Irregularities and incidents will be reported to the testing supervisor and/or instructor.

  • Use of any unauthorized aid not permitted by the Testing Center and/or the instructor or agency
  • Suspected collaboration with another student
  • Unauthorized Internet access
  • Talking
  • Examinee referring to notes
  • Examinee misconduct - defined as creating a disturbance
  • Suspected examinee impersonation
  • Power failure or other building emergencies, including fires, floods, etc
Assistance During Testing

The Testing Center is unable to make corrections or answer questions regarding any tests or exams. The student will be referred to the instructor or test/exam service provider for assistance.


Cheating is any unauthorized activity that impairs or alters the circumstances of the examination as a measure of the knowledge or skills it was designed to assess. Examinees suspected of cheating will be dismissed.

Notification Process: The testing personnel will address any examinee who is cheating, materials will be collected, the student will be asked to leave and the instructor or exam service provider will be notified. Any materials in the student’s possession used to breach the security will be confiscated.
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